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2022- January, February

Living Heritage Symposium

The Living Heritage Symposium is a gathering of cultural heritage experts—from policy-makers to activists—working together to develop best practices for the treatment of cultural heritage, including intangible heritage. It is a solutions-driven event to draft action steps for managing living heritage and urban development.

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As with many cities around the world, San Antonio is experiencing the pressures of supporting new economic development and growth while protecting community character and cultural heritage. The Living Heritage program works to develop innovative treatments to better protect culturally significant properties and intangible heritage since traditional design guidelines aren’t necessarily sufficient to guide in decision-making in these cases. We aim to develop tools and strategies that better help to manage cultural heritage and sustainable development while promoting living heritage to benefit the community.

Living Heritage Action Plan

The Living Heritage Action Plan is created through consensus and input from attendees of the San Antonio Living Heritage Symposium. After hearing presentations from invited speakers, everyone who attends the symposium works together in a World Café format to develop recommendations. Read the Action Plans from the 2017-2019 symposiums.

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Legacy Business Program

The Office of Historic Preservation’s Legacy Business Program is a direct result of the Living Heritage Symposium. Part of the Action Plan developed at the 2017 Living Heritage Symposium, The San Antonio Legacy Business program pay tribute to legendary businesses located in San Antonio. The program acknowledges the contributions businesses have made to the city’s culture and economy and aims to champion the continued success of legacy businesses through promotional and educational support.

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Past, Present, Future

Past, Present, Future is the Office of Historic Preservation’s “museum without walls,” this site provides stories about San Antonio’s festivals, traditions, myths and folklore, practices, knowledge, skills, and the people behind them; and connects them to the world.

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Shotgun Houses

The Office of Historic Preservation has set out to locate every shotgun house in SanAntonio. To date, over 700 have been found. Sustainable, affordable, culturally significant, and climate-wise, this is the original “tiny house.”

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Additional Resources

Living Heritage
Trades Academy

The Living Heritage Trades Academy of San Antonio is a program developed by the Office of Historic Preservation to provide training of traditional crafts and skills through apprenticeships, hands-on training, and class instruction on topics related to pre-1960 traditional building construction methods and materials.

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Cultural Mapping

OHP works with community members to collect shared experiences that reflect the “intangible” heritage—traditions, arts, spirituality and events, as well as significant places—through story-telling and map-making.

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Heritage Education

OHP teams up with local schools and classrooms to provide hands-on educational opportunities for grade school students. The youth preservation academy works to cultivate and nurture a new generation of stewards for our heritage while also meeting the needs of students to fulfill core curriculum requirements.

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